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The story of how Kick EV decided to go with Legal Retainership and empowered with Being Vakil

Kick EV Being Vakil

Quick Look on Kick EV's Legal Transformation

Streamlined Dealership Agreements

Efficiency Boost

Legal Confidence

Sagar Joshi

Being Vakil's contract management service is nothing short of exceptional. They've not only helped us streamline our contract processes. Their team is responsive, knowledgeable, and a true partner in our success.
- Sagar Joshi, Founder - Kick EV

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  • Kick EV harnessed the expertise of a dedicated Legal Counsel from Being Vakil.

  • Being Vakil offered Kick EV customized and dedicated Legal Counsel and technical support to take care of commercial law, contract negotiation and compliance.

  • The collaboration resulted in standardization and legally sound dealership agreements, reducing potential disputes.

  • The presence of a dedicated Legal Counsel instilled a sense of legal confidence within Kick EV, enabling them to navigate legal complexities with a trusted partner by their side.

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