Interesting facts about Undercover Agent/RAW

When I was 10 years old, I would dream of being an Undercover Agent for India. For me, it was adrenaline pumping occupation. We always assume Undercover Agents with cool gadgets, fights and the chase. Today, it’s time to uncover the reality of Undercover Agents! These amazing facts about RAW will help us to find out the truth of this field.

  • RAW’s motto is - ‘धर्मो रक्षति रक्षित:’ which means the Law protects when it is protected.

  • RAW came into existence on 21st September 1965. It exposed the gap in intelligence gathering methodology and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her government felt the need for an agency that would raise an alarm before the war and protect India. RAW’s first director was Rameshwar Nath Kao.

  • RAW officials undergo rigorous training. It includes the art of self-defence, technology handling and its secret language.

  • In 1984, in a very important call to the Indian military, RAW informed that Pakistan's operation 'Ababeel' was planning to capture the Saltoro ridge in Siachen. Thanks to the timely tip, the Indian army was able to launch operation 'Meghdoot', which forced the Pakistan army to retreat even before they could enter the territory.

  • RAW used to hire people from IB (Intelligence Bureau), Police and Indian Services only. Eventually, they started picking up random and most eligible candidates. Some of them were from the Universities, Villagers residing near LOCs etc. Ravinder Kaushik was one of the incredible RAW agents of India.

  • RAW had successfully tapped the communication between Pakistan army chief Parvez Musharraf and Lt Gen Mohammed Aziz which was about Pakistan’s involvement in the Kargil incursion.