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Being Vakil: New Industrial Policy 2024 Saga

Thrilled to have engaged in a fruitful 6-hour discussion and brainstorming with Hon'ble Principal Secretary IAS Dr Harshdeep Kamble sir, delving into topics ranging from circular economy to pharmaceuticals and food, with gender equality at the forefront. Law and Alternate Dispute Resolution discussions added a cherry on top!

Being Vakil led the charge by presenting crucial legal perspectives on delayed payment and bad debt issues in the MSME sector. Our suggestions include:

1. Implementing an enhanced conciliation and mediation framework for resolving delayed payment issues and enhancing the efficiency of the #Samadhaan Portal.

2. Streamlining the dispute resolution procedure.

3. Allocating additional resources and personnel to expedite the review and adjudication of delayed payment issues.

Each member of CornellMaha60, including Being Vakil, brought valuable insights to the table, shaping the policy and its implementation.

These suggestions wouldn't have been possible without the valuable feedback and discussions from Being Vakil's MSME family. We are committed to continuing to meet our client's needs and delivering impactful solutions.

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